Demand for water touches every corner of every community.  A 2016 study published in the journal Science Advances estimates that over 4 billion people currently face severe water shortages every year.  The World Economic Forum's most recent report lists the ongoing global water crisis as one of the top three risks the world will face over the next decade, alongside climate change and mass migration.  Water resource pressures are now severely impacting populations in many regions of even the wealthiest countries. Significant opportunities exist for private investment to dramatically improve water efficiency, conservation, reliability, and quality across both the built environment and the natural world.


United States Water Snapshot

Water Use in the US by User Group

77% Agricultural  -  23% Municipal


2.4 Trillion  

Gallons of water lost in the US every year to leaky municipal pipes. 



Grade assigned by the ASCE to the condition of US water infrastructure


$1 Trillion  

AWWA estimated cost to repair and replace leaking municipal pipes



Gallons of water required to produce one pound of beef



Amount of US crops dedicated to feeding animals