We live in a world of finite resources that strives for perpetual economic growth.  


We must meet record demands for energy every year with aging infrastructure while reducing carbon emissions. 


Communities across the globe struggle to provide people with adequate fresh water without growing their environmental footprint. 


Inextricably linked, both the energy and water sectors are plagued by systemic and operational inefficiencies. 


Renova's sustainable investment strategy seeks strong risk-adjusted returns for our investors while achieving a meaningful and measurable impact in addressing some of the biggest challenges of our time.


Demand for energy is at its historic high and continues to grow dramatically.  At the same time, governments worldwide are working to quickly and dramatically reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuels.  Last year, 80% of US power was generated from fossil fuels, and over 60% was lost to system inefficiencies at a cost of $1.2 trillion to the U.S. economy.

Our Approach

Renova's energy investment strategy works to reduce these system inefficiencies through the build-out of a 21st-century electric grid, production of low-carbon transportation fuels, and the development of ultra-efficient buildings in which to live and work. Learn more...


Over 7 billion gallons of water are lost to leaky municipal pipes every day in the US - enough water to support 80 million people.   Compounding the problem, over 50% of water consumed in the US is used just to produce feed for livestock.

Our Approach

Renova’s water investment strategy seeks to help to repair, replace and upgrade municipal infrastructure, and to propagate innovative  agricultural technologies and methods to reduce water consumption and improve efficiency across the sector.  

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